Thanks to extensive renovations, the Washington Street Mills Business & Cultural Center offers diverse spaces in a striking setting. Open brick walls, large windows, and a range of affordable options attract businesses ranging from manufacturers to retail, service providers to artists. Tenants enjoy the mills’ sense of community, and the chance to be part of this revitalized historic complex. Contact us for a tour.

Mill tenants enjoy a wide range of amenities, some including use of kitchens outfitted with refrigerators, sinks and microwaves. Parking spaces either at the building or within easy walking distance, and secure access with key-code only entry on evenings and weekends. In addition, AC, heat, electricity, high-speed Internet, and post office boxes are all included in the rent. Federal Express provides daily pickups, and there are a variety of food service opportunities within the mill complex. Most floors have conference rooms which are available for tenant use. Rents are very affordable and designed to encourage business development.

Suite # Location Sq Ft Price Description
WSM 1003

First floor Washington 1,611 Sq. Ft Please call 603-749-3355 for details Easily accessible space in need of a build-out
WSM 240A – Sublease from Uraseal 2nd Floor Washington 1,117.5 Sq Ft contact Uraseal for sublease, $1,000 Office build out, his/her bathrooms, two small office and open layout.
WSM 310 3rd Floor Washington 3,356 Sq. Ft $2,500 per month with WiFi included Private bathroom and kitchen
WSM 315 3rd Floor Washington 2,639 Sq. Ft $2,000 per month with WiFi

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a tour. Referrals encouraged and incentives offered for current tenants who bring new community members to us.

Brint Shone
Washington Street Mills
One Washington Street
Dover, NH 03820